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About ThinkAxia

Your world, understood

ThinkAxia is a leading complexity consulting and simulation modelling firm based in New Zealand. We partner with global organisations to solve complex problems through innovative, intricate system design, simulation and execution.

Our focus is on delivering the most advanced business solutions to a wide range of clients in various sectors. Our team of industry-leading experts take a holistic approach to analysing and evaluating your businesses systems and processes. We aim to help develop, manage and communicate across multiple and integrated platforms, setting new industry benchmarks.

Rapid leaps in technological advancement command enterprise continually test assumptions and adapt accordingly to achieve its purpose. Testing scenarios in the real world is costly –  not only financially but also in time, energy, and reputation. However, ThinkAxia has found advanced solutions and is committed to enhancing business performance by solving these crippling problems.

ThinkAxia equips organisations with the ability to navigate their complex world seamlessly, achieve their purpose, and make history.