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City Dynamics

Creating a More Liveable Future

With the advancement of technology and urbanisation, a term coined “smart cities” is an upcoming trend, rapidly transforming how we live.

Today, society’s evolution is leading us towards greater connectivity and a real need to efficiently manage technology and data to improve the lives of citizens, particularly with the explosion of IoT and 5G.

Technology and digitalisation are seeing cities improve many aspects, including environmental, financially, and social. Smart city initiations are being integrated and strategically implemented to leverage technological advancements. They are leading to increased efficiency of data sharing, resulting in everything from the reduction of CO2 emissions, avoiding traffic congestion, finding a parking spot or reporting an accident or incident.

Both the private and public sectors are driving the smart city industry. Projections are estimated to be $400 billion market by 2020, with 600 cities across the planet anticipated to generated approximately 60% of the World’s GDP by 2025, according to McKinsey research.

Any city, regardless of size, can become a smart city. All that is required is the commitment and collaborative efforts of the city’s officials and citizens to find solutions for everyday problems.

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