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 Our Purpose

ThinkAxia is a complex systems consulting firm based in New Zealand which partners with universities and organisations to solve complex problems through innovative research, design, simulation and solution implementation

We equip organisations with the ability to understand their world through complex systems theory disciplines and tools. Utilising these the insights from complexity to design, execute and visualise strategies using technology and science, enterprises are able to navigate their complex world, achieve their purpose and make history. 

We live in a complex world where the old rules of strategy are no longer sufficient on their own.  To set a course for a project, partnership, or enterprise that is expected to last 3+ years without adjustment is to engage in a dangerous journey through an ever changing world.  To ensure that your enterprise can stand the test of time and achieve its purpose you must be able to understand your world.  The reason that these long-term strategies struggle is that they have been developed under the assumption that the world is linear and complicated, they rarely acknowledge complexity.

To test different strategies in the real world is incredibly costly, not only financially but also in reputation, energy and focus etc.  We have found the solution to be modelling and simulation.  By developing models and simulations of your physical assets, process, people, systems or devices, you are able to explore multiple strategies and futures before ever committing resources.  You can quickly identify what works, what doesn't and the most effective plans for practically any possible scenario, expected or unexpected.

You can collect and analyse real-time data from your people, systems and stakeholders, your decisions and compare the results against how your strategy was designed to perform.  This builds a knowledge base of unexpected impacts and feedback loops created by the actions made, enabling you to continuously improve your decision making process.


Our Services

Our clients represent industries that range from defence to agriculture and everything in between. They call on us when they need support in understanding the complex world they are in and assistance in designing the systems that will enable them to execute their strategy. 

Our Services:

  • Complex Problem Solution Design

  • Complex Systems Design

  • Complex Portfolio | Program | Project Design and Management

  • Complex Systems Reporting and Monitoring

  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Software - We have partnered with the world leader in simulation and modelling, Anylogic to ensure you have the tools you need to design, model and simulate your system of systems enabling you to navigate your complex world and continually improve your decision making capabilities. These tools enable you to monitor and control your organisations, projects or any systems, anywhere, anytime.

    Why use modeling and simulation?


      Simulation modeling provides a safe way to test and explore different “what-if” scenarios. Make the right decision before making real-world changes.


      Virtual experiments with simulation models are less expensive and take less time than experiments with real assets.


      Simulation models can be animated in 2D/3D, allowing concepts and ideas to be more easily verified, communicated, and understood.


      Unlike spreadsheet- or solver-based analytics, simulation modeling allows observation of system behavior over time at any level of detail. E.g., you can check warehouse storage space utilisation at any given date.


      A simulation model can capture much more details than an analytical model, which provides for increased accuracy and more precise forecast.


      Uncertainty in operations’ time and outcome can be easily represented in simulation models, which allows you to measure risk and find more robust solutions.


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